Saturday, April 28, 2007

MySQL GetSchema("Views")

Today i've spend some time debugging why when we use GenWise Studio to import a MySQL database, Views (supported only in MySQL 5.x ) where not imported as VIEWS but where treated as normal TABLES.

Applies to : ODBC 5.00.11 (latest from website) and 3.54.14 shows same behaviour. Server version : 5.0.22

Having an odbc connection with catalog/database set to a specific database when executing this commands :

_connection.GetSchema("Tables") --> returns tables + views (should have been only tables)
If this was expected behaviour it would have been handy that "TABLE_TYPE" could be set as view.. (currently set as TABLE)
_connection.GetSchema("Views") --> returns null.

ODBC TRACE (just partial...)

When requesting VIEW ( _connection.GetSchema("Tables") ) --> 15 are returned instead of 14 (1 is a view)

NOTE: When INFORMATION_SCHEMA (at the server ) shows correct / expected result
SELECT * FROM information_schema.VIEWS V;


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