Monday, November 20, 2006

TechEd Barcelona 2006

First of all, this is my first BLOG entry !

We had a stand at Microsoft Tech-Ed 2006 Barcelona where we showed our new product : GenWise Studio ( people's reaction was amazing! We've got MANY interested people and some of them actually extremely positive and surprised about what we have done! ( I must say it feels good to get all those positive reactions after having worked with the GenWise team so hard for >2 years ).

During the conference I've also confirmed the difference of approach that we have and how solid is our Template Technology (i will wrote more about this in other BLOG post in the future)I've added pictures and movies over TechEd Barcelona 2006...

One of the things I've learned during the conference is that developers do not like to read stuff while looking at the stands. Giving a free t-shirt of those kind of marketing things had more effect than actually a very big Powerpoint discussing some code generation stuff ;) The 1st day we had the powerpoint running and we noticed that did not worked at all so we switched to a 1 slide saying something like : "We will generate a complete web app in 5 mins"So, because I have spend some considerable amount of time making this PPT i am posting it here : GenWise Presentation

I would love to discuss code generation topics or any remarks!!

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