Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Cleaning "old" DSL Languages

If you are , like me, new to DSLs you will end up creating many DSL projects. ;)

After a while your "New Item" dialog will end up looking really crowded.

Don't ask me why but the "Reset the Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Experimental hive" option does not seem to work on all cases, and I still have several old dsl languages which won't go away. ( Note: I guess that the reset option by design will not mess us local user's document as explained below)

First, I've tried , with no success, to follow the tip from "El Bruno" (spanish blog) .

What's the solution ?

You need to "remove"all the zip files in the following directories:

C:\Users\\Documents\Visual Studio 2008\My Exported Templates
C:\Users\\Documents\Visual Studio 2008\Templates\ItemTemplates\CSharp\1033
C:\Users\\Documents\Visual Studio 2008\Templates\ItemTemplates\VisualBasic\1033

Note: On every DSLPackage build , a new file .zip will be created and placed on that directory. So before trying to open your DSL make sure you build the project first.

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El Bruno said...

Hi Sebastian, by mystake I delete your comment on my blog, but really cool tip !!!

thanks a lot :D

Best regards