Monday, April 7, 2008

GenWise generated project added to solution using Source control.

Several customers have asked me how they can integrate an existing GenWise project into their solutions. To be more specific, GenWise already generates 100% compatible project files, so what's the problem?

Well, If you want to add the generated project into an existing solution and at the same time you can to keep that solution in source safe ( or in sourcegear vault which I use and recommend) then you might hit some little problems.

Problem #1 : Every time you regenerate the project is seen as a "new" project for the solution.
The reason behind this is that when you add the project to the solution the .proj file is modified with specific source control information + and ID (Guid) is given, etc.
To solve this problem you can "copy/paste" this information from the "modified" version of the project file INTO the GenWise project, so when you re-generate you don't loose this info .

Click on the image to enlarge an example for the solution to problem #1.

Problem #2 : After you have added the project to a source control provider ( vss or vault) all the files will be automatically read-only (by default) so you need to explicity do a complete project check out before you use the regenerate options from GenWise.


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