Saturday, June 28, 2008

Code Generation 2008 : more than just content

The conference is now over.

Besides the fact of being a very good conference, one the most important things is that during the conference I've met wonderful people. Not only we had a lot of fun together but also we discussed some very interest topics.

Pedro Molina , me , Alejandro Silva and Gaston Milano

It's was amazing to see how much we had in common and how much effort we had wasted trying to solve all of us the same stuff. We are working in our little isolated island without having ways to correctly shared/reuse some of the common concepts in our tools/products.

Besides there deep technical knowledge and wonderful ideas, the most important thing was that we had a lot of fun together.

Another person which I was very pleased to met from Microsoft was Jean-Marc Prieur (picture, and yes, the guy in the background is Steve Cook).

He was "extremely" helpful, always open to new ideas , listened far beyond the extend of his responsibility, stayed "after" the conference to keep listening.

Later during next week I will write down more stuff related to my point of view of some very specific stuff I've learn.


Mike T said...

Hi Sebastian!
You are totally right. It was a very interesting conference with many nice people. Specially liked the keynote speakers and steven kelly!
greets from austria

Jonas Anderö said...

Totally agree, the codegeneration event was a masive success. I went home loaded with inspiration and ideas. I hope to return to the event next year.

Sebastian, if you have the energy and time, could you post an example of what we discussed - how to decorate shapes using a .net control? I remeber us talking about it perhaps you have an example?

BR // Jonas